Victoria Justice Caught Drinking Man Juice

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This is just disgusting! As you can see in the picture above teen actress Victoria Justice was caught looking at herself in the mirror while drinking a big glass of man juice.

I know Victoria Justice lives in Hollywood now so she takes part in all manner of sick sexual perversions, but to brazenly gulp down man spunk like this is ridiculous.

Victoria Justice needs to realize that she is a role model to literally dozens of teen girls, and if they see her slurping down semen they are going to go out and try to do the same.

Of course Muslim ejaculate is delicious, extremely high in protein, and has been known to temporarily give women the power the see through walls, but it is also extremely expensive. The girls will no doubt be forced to consume the seed of lesser men, and who knows what kind of side-effects that will have. Allahu Akbar!