Miley Cyrus Self-Shot Underwear Pic

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

Dedicated Muslim and actress Miley Cyrus released this self-shot picture of herself in underwear. This picture may look like Miley Cyrus resorting back to her whorish ways to the untrained eye, but it is actually Miley making a powerful statement my parodying a typical Hollywood whore.

As you can see by the amount of makeup and curlers in her hair, Miley Cyrus is actually playing a character in this photo. She is holding up a mirror to all the women in Hollywood who are nothing more than degenerate sluts, and saying, “This is what you look like. Except Allah as your Lord and master or die!” A powerful and important message to be sure.

May Allah bless Miley Cyrus on her crusade to show the whores in Hollywood the error of their ways through mocking imitation. Insha’Allah, they will all convert to Islam or perish from Miley’s biting satire. Allahu Akbar!