Miley Cyrus Grows Mustache To Attract Muslim Man

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

At 18 years of age Miley Cyrus has already almost reached old maid status in the Islamic community, so in an attempt to quickly land a Muslim husband Miley has grown the handsome mustache seen in the photo above.

As every Muslim man can attest to, there is nothing more dignified and just down right sexy than a woman with facial hair. Miley Cyrus should have no problem finding Muslim suitors once her magnificent stache is seen at the Mosque.

Yes I expect Miley Cyrus to be landing a proper Muslim husband soon. Who knows with facial hair like that Miley may be able to pull a Sheik or at the very least a prominent warlord. She has come a long way from being white trash from Tennessee. Allah truly is great!