Christina Aguilera Escapes From Jew Husband

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In 2002 music producer Jason Bratman bewitched Christina Aguilera with his Jew magic. Over the next 8 years she suffered unimaginable horrors in the clutches of this covetous Jew, only to finally break his Jew spell and escape earlier today.

We can only imagine the nightmare Christina Aguilera had to endure the last 8 years. It has definitely taken a toll on her as she has lost her sex appeal and the little musical talent she once possessed. I think when she recovers enough to recount her story the world will be shocked by what she went through.

Let Christina Aguilera serve as an example to all you young girls trying to make it in show business. Turn back know and accept Allah as your lord and master before it is too late and a Jew sucks the life right out of you.