Miley Cyrus Fat Face In Little Black Dress

miley-cyrus, celeb-jihad

By Muhammad’s beard! Look at Miley Cyrus’ fat face in this little black dress. I don’t know why Miley Cyrus has such a bloated face, but I am willing and able to speculate.

The first and most obvious explanation is that Miley Cyrus is already having plastic surgery. Yes she is 17 years old but her face has lived a hard life. Those Disney producers are not going to service themselves after all.

The next possible explanation is that her uncle-daddy Billy Ray drank one to many PBR’s, and took out his failed career aspirations on his more successful daughter’s face.

The final explanation for Miley’s bloated dome is that she is expecting a long cold winter, and is stock piling nuts in her cheeks. This one I think is probably the most likely explanation.

Take a look at these pictures of Miley Cyrus’ stupid fat face in a little black dress and see if you can determine what is causing her bulbous head.


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