Joe Jonas Demi Lovato Break Up Caused By Demi

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There has been a lot of rumors and wild accusations surrounding the Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato break up. Frankly we here at Celeb Jihad find that sort of journalism repulsive.

That is why when we ran into a homeless man who claimed to be Joe Jonas’ real father, we knew we had to get his story on what caused the Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas break up.

According to our source (homeless papa Joe Jonas) the break up was all Demi’s idea! Apparently Demi Lovato is hell bent on conquering the world and enslaving humanity. She is building a robot army to be lead by Ronald Reagan’s ghost, and has personally anally probed Joe Jonas’ homeless father 6 times! Though he is unsure what she is looking for specifically he think it might have something to do with the baby dinosaur that lives in his small intestine.

As you can see the Joe Jonas Demi Lovato break up was entirely Demi’s fault for spending all her time building robots and plotting world domination. All those nasty rumors about Joe Jonas causing the break up are completely unfounded!

I just wish other celebrity news websites would hold themselves to our high standard, and actually do some investigative journalism to find credible sources so this type of thing never happens again.