Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her 41 Year Old Bikini Body

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Jennifer Aniston continued her search for a husband yesterday by shamelessly flaunting her tight tanned 41 year old body and hard nipples in a tiny pink bikini.

The fact that Jennifer Aniston can look this good in a bikini yet still can not find a man to put up with her sh*t for the pleasure of pounding her tight little body, really says something about her as a person.

Brad Pitt I can understand because he upgraded with the Angelina, but how Jennifer was not able to hold on to guys like Vince Vaughn and John Mayer is beyond me. She must be a real insufferable bitch to be able to drive off every man she ever gets close to even when she has a rocking body like this.

Of course I could always marry Jennifer Aniston, but I am having enough trouble with the 3 wives I have now and they are extremely ugly. I can not imagine the headaches having an attractive Hollywood movie star as a wife would give me. Sorry Jen but on second thought it is just not worth it.