Kevin Federline Fat Jokes


Look at this topless pic of a fat Kevin Federline. Going out in public looking like that he is just asking to be mocked. Here are some Kevin Federline fat jokes.


  • It is nice to see that K-Fed is finally growing as a person.
  • He should change his name to K-Overfed.
  • Not shown in this picture is his trainer feeding him fish from a bucket.
  • Kevin Federline? More like Kevin Fatterline or Kevin Federflab.
  • Does this bathing suit make me look fat? No K-Fed daylight makes you look fat.
  • They say the camera adds 10 pounds. If that is the case then K-Fed must have eaten 10 cameras.
  • Greenpeace should be circling him in inflatable boats.

If you got any to add leave them as comments below.